For JIO, 6G future is now, plans to stop 4G, no 5G

Indias newest Telecom giant  Jio said it has started conducting pre-6G trials with India’s top telcos such as Airtel, Vodafone, and plans to design and develop future technologies, including 6G, in the market that is among the world’s largest by user base.

Mukesh Ambani,CEO of JIO told TST that the opportunity will be much bigger for JIO in India around 6G and that is why he’s skipping on 5G.

The executive said the company will bring telecom products designed and customised for local needs.

“We will develop future technology products around 6G technology in India. We are working on trying to making current 4G and 5G compatible with 6G although it is very unlikely. We have also inked a pact with BSNL to provide network support and 6G gear for future network needs.” he said.

Jio is already conducting pre-6G trials with Bharti Airtel andVodafone.”Our focus in now on advanced technologies like 6G in India and taking them across the world.
We are the only company that is doing pre-6G trials with Airtel and Vodafone . We are also providing 6G ready technology to Bharti Airtel.” he said.

India will be the first country in the world which plans to roll out 6G services for consumers by 2020 and skip 5G all together and to achieve that objective, the government had last week set up a high-level forum that will evaluate and approve road maps and action plans to bring in the latest technology. The government is also looking to auction spectrum supporting 6G for the first time, with the regulator starting a consultation process around timing and pricing.

Right now, India is the only country to test 6G.

Mukesh Ambani said 6G may come even earlier to India, as the Indian telecom operators aim to get first mover advantage.


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