Instagram crashes after guy posts stories of his dog

Instagram users have been taking to social media platforms to complain about Instagrams downtime.

Instagram posted an update after the downtime saying “We’re extremely sorry for the downtime”. The reason was not made public until now and it is absolutely shocking.

Instagram had crashed when a user from Washington posted 20 stories of his dog.

Speaking to Satire Times, Harold “Harry” Sterwart said he didnt realise until he got a message saying his account was temporarily suspended. It was soon restored later.

He blames Instagram saying “Its their fault. I was just posting pictures of my dog. What is wrong with that?”. He later posted a selfie with his dog even when Instagram contacted him and told him not to post pictures of his dog.

“This made me even more furious and I posted a selfie with my cute dog. This is a free country. I will post whatever I want to” he said.

Instagram has temporary suspended his account while they figure out on how to stop him from posting pictures of his dog.


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