Man found living in a cave, still uses VHS tapes, dial up internet

A man was found living in a cave and still using VHS tapes and dial up internet.

A modern day Neanderthal, La Chapelle who alone of his pre-human species has survived the last 40,000 years, says he also likes to put those boxed VHS tapes on a shelf and display them as if they were something to be proud of. The man was hard to read or understand and spoke Old English. He has also carved on the walls of his cave.

It’s incredible to be able to see all the way back to the last ice age, where such hunter-gatherer media consumption must have been normal.

This may also answers the question of how they went extinct. Drank too much and were shit at their jobs, if he’s any example or maybe were still in the Upper Palaeolithic era.


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