Poop causes explosion

Wife throws flammable liquid into toilet; unsuspecting husband takes a dump and blows up.

Richmond, Virginia- Wife throws a flammable liquid into toilet, while unsuspecting husband seats himself on the throne leading to a spectacular pyrotechnics show.

Another casual Sunday afternoon turned into a spectacular pyrotechnics show as husbands poop ignites flammable liquid.

Initial thoughts of everyone were that a bomb had set off. The fire department was quick to respond. The bomb disposal squad were on spot along with sniffer dogs to find more evidence.

So far, all we know that the wife a “dumb” uneducated elementary school drop out poured a flammable liquid into their toilet which led to this. The husband however survived the explosion initially and was rocketed 200ft to the sky by the explosion. Upon landing he was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead when they arrived to the hospital. The postmortem reports suggest that the fall from 200ft is what killed him.

The investigation is still ongoing as more evidence is being found.



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