Dumb caveman finally switches to a smartphone

Technology changes and people change, but some people don’t.  A month ago we came across another caveman who still uses VHS tapes and dial up internet.

This time its his relative who still used Telegrams to send messages across caves until we gifted him a smartphone. The modern day Neanderthal finally made the switch unlike his relatives.

He was surprised to see the smartphone and made his first call to a local fire department accidentally. Although for him it’s hard to understand modern day English he still manages to use his smartphone very well.

He even installed many social apps and even dating apps and got his first match. He was very excited to play the latest high end games and finally decided to come live with civilisation.

Although he looks very alike to the modern Homo Sapien we still question his relationship with the Neanderthal who still uses VHS tapes.


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