Man turns into a human Gorilla after drinking hair growth serum

We all know hair loss is hard to accept. It sucks. There are a number of theories surrounding it. While most suggest that one’s diet, exercise and stress levels play key roles.

Todays exclusive news comes from Nagoya, Japan when a hardworking overstressed employee noticed a significant amount of hair fall and visited the nearest doctor. The doctor prescribed him a hair growth serum. Well, his overstressed impatient tiny little brain found the instructions so hard that he stopped reading them and just gulped down the entire hair growth serum.

The next morning he woke up and went to work unknowing of what had happened to him overnight. His colleagues were freaked out on looking him. He had turned into a human Gorilla. At first they assumed he had hypertrichosis, which a syndrome where one grows an abnormal amount of hair in his body.

“I was unaware of it.I was promoted last week and the new position was very stressful. I started loosing my hair so I visited a doctor. I had no time to read the instructions and instead drank everything. It was a normal day until I left my apartment and everyone freaked out. Some even assumed and started calling me to be some kind of a werewolf. Some religious leaders from many countries started giving me calls as they thought I looked like their God.” he told us in an exclusive interview and asked for his identity to be kept secret.

On asked if he would do it again, he nodded yes as it brought him some attention.


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