Thor: Ragnarok spoilers more hamful than pollution

Governments across the globe have advised its citizens about the risk of exposure to harmful spoilers from the latest Hollywood blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok.

With the release of the third sequel to the Thor movie already being watched by millions of people, there are fears across the glove that their own viewing experience will be badly damaged the spoilers.

Mike, a college going Marvel fanboy told The Satire Times, “I couldn’t watch the movie on the first day because the tickets were sold out. At night, all of my friends had watched the movie and gave me spoilers. My whole experience will ruined when I go for the movie tomorrow.”

While talking to his friends, they gave us spoilers for the next Thor movie. However, we cannot share any of the spoilers as we do not want the movie experience of the next Thor movie to be damaged of our site readers.

Governments across the globe especially the First World ones have advised its citizens to not get any spoilers as they are harmful then pollution. Some have advised not to go out as the harmful spoilers will ruin everything.



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