Passenger dragged onto an underbooked Ryanair flight


A fellow passengers refusal to board a Ryanair flight led to a bloody scene today Morning.

Always looking for new ways to charge people, Ryanair has come up with a new strategy unlike other airlines who beat their passengers off a plane.

The man was charged 23 pounds or 26 Euros or 30 USD on the underbooked flight. The Irish company’s CEO said in a statement “We just wanted to fill up the seats as the flight was underbooked. Our  staff asked him nicely to board the flight and deposit 13 pounds on the London Stansted to Dublin flight. He simply refused so we the personnel took the situation in their own hands”.

The Department of Transportation said that it is perfectly fine as long as the passenger is not removed from an overbooked flight.

“At Ryanair we do a things a little differently. We drag people onto planes not drag paying customers off the plane.” the company Tweeted.

This strategy of Ryanair was inspired by an event that happened earlier this year aboard an United Airlines flight where a passenger was dragged off a plane. United Airlines regained their title as worst way to travel yesterday after footage emerged of a plain clothes officer wrestling a man out of his seat and dragging him off the plane following an argument in which the man failed to accept that he was not allowed to stay on a flight that he had bought and paid for. Heres another incident we covered here about United getting jealous.


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