Delhi man unable to feel and see own legs through thick smog; calls up ambulance

New Delhi, India- A man called up the local hospital to send an ambulance because he couldn’t see his legs.

“When I woke up in the morning it was hard for me to see or feel my legs. I freaked out and thought they were amputated so I immediately called up the ambulance and began screaming.” said the guy, a 30 year old Uber driver.

The man suffers from Femoral Neuropathy, a neurological disorder where people cant feel their legs.

“We heard loud screams. At first we thought it was a little girl so we ran towards the sound. It was hard searching  through the thick smog. Few minutes later we found him and tried to calm him down. We later realised that he called up an ambulance.”

The Ambulance came 2 hrs later. “When we arrived it was hard to locate the patient through that smog” said the Ambulance driver.

This incident happened a few days later after we posted an article here about how the pollution warnings being difficult to read through thick smog.

He’s admitted at a hospital currently and undergoing mental tests while doctors have advised a few days rest and a few prescriptions to calm him down temporarily.




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