Married man wants to date again

New York – A 30 year old man Eddie who is married for nearly 2 years to his wife Katie, also 30, says he wants to date again.

“Ive been married for 2 years. C’mon we had our ups and downs and I really haven’t dated anyone since we got married. I mean I like Katie but it isn’t what it used to be and she kinda likes me talking about other women.”

The couple have been “happily” married for 2 years now. They were college lovebirds before finally tying the knot.

He thinks he’s ready for the dating world again. “All these responsibilities they bore us. We need to do something really cool. C’mon guys Katie thinks its okay and I should really make the move. I’m confident about it. I really wanted to do this for a long time.”

His wife will be out of the country for a year so she thinks its okay for him and he should go ahead. “Ill be out for a year due to work. So if he wants to date someone , he can go ahead. But I do hope we stay the same way and it doesn’t change anything between us. I hope he stays clean and tells me everything. He promised me there wouldn’t be anything serious other than a few dates. He has been loyal to me since we started dating and he really isnt the type of guy that cheats” Katie told us on an interview over the phone.

“I hope to date all those fine women as much as possible.I plan on going out with lunch and dinner with a different gal. Its only speed dating and nothing more. I only hope to meet new people.” He says.

He hopes to start dating his colleagues and ex college and high school girlfriends who are still single.

We wish him Good luck on his adventure and return to the dating world.

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