Swedish government to provide girlfriends to single male immigrants

Stockholm, Sweden – The Swedish government has today announced that they will provide girlfriends to single male immigrants.

The Swedish government has assured the single male immigrants seeking asylum in Sweden to keep a girlfriend ready when they step their feet on the Swedish soil.

The move comes when these immigrants protested saying that they find it hard to find women to date.
“Women in my country are not allowed to roam freely without covering their heads. This makes it hard to find women interested in dating.” said Hussein in an interview.

However if the couple decides to marry and they are earning less than the Swedish average, the government will pay for all their wedding expenses which includes a foreign honeymoon and house rent for 3 months with a 3 month allowance for food.

“In my country dating is considered as a sin. So I am moving to Sweden tomorrow.” said Abdo who aims to marry and raise kids in Sweden.

The move was not welcomed by women as Sweden is the first feminist government country. The standards of the Swedish women are high which they do not find in most male immigrants. To solve this issue, the government is offering monetary and other benefits to the women that date these single immigrants.

“Nobody wants to date this ugly looking middle eastern’s with thick accents and long beards. They are very unhygienic. Since the government is offering some money to date these man I am looking forward in dating one.” Said Abba from Gothenburg.

This is likely to cost Sweden several billion Krona’s as several economy experts have stated.


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