7 reasons why Net Neutrality is a good move; the internet must go

There are plenty of reasons why the internet sucks and why everyone should vote against Net Neutrality.
Since the FCC has voted against Net Neutrality,millions of people have shown their anger towards the government and specifically towards the Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai.

We give you 7 reasons why its a good move.

1.Who needs the internet anyways?
Internet is not a necessity and does not affect our day to day life. Most basic utilities we need are water, food and air. Although we don’t have the government starts charging its costumers for the air that we breathe.

2.Corporations do a great job and are becoming rich and should charge you for everything.
We see no good reason why Internet providers shouldn’t get the opportunity to decide which data they want to give the widest internet lane to

3.I cant get a match on Tinder.
Since some non whites have a hard time scoring the fine ladies on Tinder and other dating apps, why should we allow others the same privilege?

4.Since the US did it, other countries will follow the league.
This will make sure the rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer. Win-Win!!!

5.Long live plutocracy.
Google it to know what it means. They really know how to rule.

6. We have been present here long before the internet.
Yes. The Satire Times has been here for many centuries. We have grown before the internet was even born and we can still lead on without the use of internet.

7. Donald Trump
Its all happening during the term of President Donald Trump. We gotta give him a +1 for that.

Although we operate outside of the United States and a our country also had a similar fight with the giants a few years ago. WE SUPPORT NET NEUTRALITY. If you don’t then kill yourself. THE ABOVE REASONS ARE TO BE VIEWED AS SATIRE. FCC CHAIRMAN IS A DUMB ASS and we would be happy if he was swallowed instead.


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