Man commits suicide after being ignored by Telemarketing calls

New York – A New Yorker committed suicide after jumping from the 118th floor of his apartment in New York after being finally abandoned by Telemarketing messages and calls.

Michael (Mike) Hunter , a 30 year old Wall Street broker jumped from the 118th floor of his luxurious multi million dollar apartment. It was just a week after his girlfriend left him.

He chose not to receive Telemarketing calls, messages and emails anymore and somehow even the spam calls stopped. The last message he received on his phone was from his ex girlfriend about the break up. Confirmed the New York Police Department.

He felt abandoned and lived alone in his apartment. He battled depression and extreme feeling of unwantedness as there was nobody left to message him anymore. Going through his social media, the police discovered that his girlfriend used to forward him nice cute romantic videos and messages.

Being ignored and coupled with this continuous poor performance at work made him take the great step as there was simply nobody there to message him which were once his emotional support. Although he was very rich, he lacked the social skills and his friends were of no use as they always asked him for a few extra loan constantly.

He did receive many spam messages and emails about him winning a few million dollars and a free trip to Europe although he was a millionaire himself. This kept him  emotionally stable. The last spam message he had received stated that he had won a free Ferrari and a villa in The Bahamas.

Mike lived alone in his apartment after the break up and had no family. His family died in a plane crash ten years ago.


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