Santa Claus to use Teslas after joining PETA

North Pole – Santa Claus will break his record this year as he joined PETA and decided to become a Vegan.

This year Santa will do something unusual. He wont be using his Reindeer sleigh as he decided to become a vegan and does not want animal brutality.

Santa has signed a deal with Elon Musk to supply him many of Teslas best selling car model the Model S and a few dozen second Generation Roadsters. The exact number is not known yet. The deal also calls for the automatic delivery of presents using the Tesla autopilot and a few modifications needs to be done.

“Very excited this year as Santa will use Teslas to deliver Christmas presents. A few upgrades and changes to the Autopilot and he is good to go” Said Elon Musk , CEO of Tesla and Space X in a tweet.

PETA has confirmed Santas membership and stated that he will not use his Reindeer sleigh. He has put up his reindeers for adoption.

In an exclusive interview with Santa Claus we found out that he decided to become a Vegan and was against animal brutality. He did not mention anything about how he will use The Teslas to deliver presents.

“Vegan for Life HO HO HO” said Santa.

So dont be surprised if a red Tesla shows up at your house on Christmas eve. (Only if you’ve been good this year)



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