Maddened by bulk messages, Jesus decides not to be born on Christmas eve

North Pole. Christmas is that wonderful time of the year. and this years celebrations for tomorrow are very unlikely after one of the main characters, Jesus Christ decides not to be born. Reports indicate that unborn Jesus was hell irritated after receiving around two dozen bulk marketing messages within a span of 15 minutes, all promising him bumper gift vouchers for shopping during the holiday season.

“Do these people not know that Jesus has to be born on Christmas? Atleast what the Christians claim and yet they were sending him those mindless text messages,” said God in an interview with The Satire Time

God said that Jesus had become accustomed to checking each and every message.

“People used to receive only ‘sane’ messages in those days,” claims God, as the invisible man showed us the inbox of a newly bought iPhone of Jesus that had an iMessage sent by a fellow friend, reading, “Dude, can you believe it? Im busy creating another planet which is habitable and these earth people are constantly annoying me with these messages.

Apparently a message offering discount on purchase of a watch was the last message Jesus read before deciding not to be born.

Jesus used to interact a lot through texts those days, and out of the same habit, he was religiously checking and reading each message he received, most of which turned out to be telemarketing gimmicks.


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