Man With New Generator Hoping For Power Outage

Elmhurst, NY– Days after purchasing a new badass generator, homeowner Roger Randal expressed hope for a power outage Thursday. “Man, a huge, citywide blackout would be fantastic,” said Roger, scanning the sky for signs of storm activity. “I’d love to give this baby’s 2000KW generator with electronic ignition a little ride.” Added Randal: “That maple tree across the street is pretty old. I bet a good gust could knock it across those power lines.”

“I really need that Power Outage, Whats the use of this generator which cost me a couple of thousand dollars if theres power supply? I really want my house to be the only one on the street to have electricity during a blackout so that aliens can spot me. It really gives that unique touch, you know”. said Roger as he awaits for a total blackout.

The  generator guzzles fuel faster than most generators. Its enough to power up a whole building, but Randal isn’t happy to share the extra power to his “foreign neighbours”. “They should get their own power if they want. I’ll be more than happy if they didn’t.” says Randal

In an interview when we asked him about the noise the generator will make which will obviously disturb the whole neighbourhood. He said “What noise? Ill be wearing earbuds. Also the generator noise is pleasant to the ears anyways”


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